This course will give students the opportunity to work directly with the United Nations Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights by engaging in research, writing and analysis under her close supervision. Students will gain an insider's understanding of the workings of the United Nations human rights system, and work in depth with UN documents, individual cases in the field and thematic reports. They will develop expertise in the field of cultural rights, including the right to take part in cultural life and to enjoy artistic and scientific freedom. The work for the course will be comprised of ongoing research, writing and analysis; there will be no exam. Participation in the course requires working to the highest standard and serious commitment to human rights work. Enrollment will be by permission of the instructor. Prerequisite: A minimum of two courses in international law or human rights, or equivalent experience.

In Fall 2021, students will work to assist Professor Bennoune in preparing for an Interactive Dialogue with the UN General Assembly (GA) in late October, including by holding a mock session of the GA. They will also contribute to evaluation of the effectiveness of the mandate's work as she wraps up her term, including review of case outcomes and monitoring of implementation.