Advances in technology have the capacity to affect every aspect of our lives, including the law. Yet, technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to stay abreast and truly understand the intricacies of these innovations. In this mini-seminar, we will learn the basics of various technologies (assuming no prior experience or knowledge!) and then discuss the potential consequences of those technologies on society, including how the law may be impacted and how the law should respond. We may cover subjects such as: blockchain and cryptocurrency; Web 3.0; CRISPR and genetic engineering; the metaverse and extended reality; connected and autonomous vehicles/drones; precision medicine and diagnostics; etc. This class will be helpful to law students who want to support or work adjacent to technology companies, whether that involves practicing in patent law, corporate transactions, or litigation. It is applicable to students who plan to work in the private sector (with companies who will commercialize these technologies), in public interest (with organizations who will ensure these technologies are used equitably), or in government (with entities responsible for regulating these technologies). Led by two female professors with STEM degrees and backgrounds, the seminar will pay special attention to topics of diversity and inclusion around the discussion of the uses of these technologies.

Meeting Information (Full Year 2022-23)

Dates: Tuesdays: 9/20, 10/11, 11/1, 1/31, 2/21 and 3/14

Time: 7-9 p.m.

Location: Professor Sadekā€™s home (about two miles from the Law School)