Corporations face a complex myriad of laws and regulations. Legal risk management is vital to any organization's success. This course studies risk management and generally the elements of the enterprise risk management (ERM) process. Students will be introduced to the concept of risk and ERM; the history of ERM; identifying risk; various risk management techniques; conceptualizing, monitoring and analyzing risk management; and the governance and oversight of risk management. Among other tools, the class will utilize case study to expose students to the role of the corporation and management in crisis due to the failure of risk management. Learnings will touch upon the expectations of self-regulating organizations (SRO's) and shareholders in corporate ERM. Study will include the role of corporate compliance as an element of risk, and the role of ERM in corporate strategy. Students will leave the class understanding how legal risk management is a part of corporate strategy and governance, and the lawyer's role as gatekeeper and counselor.