While many “international law” courses focus on public international law (i.e. the law of Nation States) this seminar will examine selected topics of international law that are most relevant to the private practitioner. The seminar will cover a specific topic each week, and will include dispute resolution, international regulatory practice and international business law. We will start with a discussion of what “international practice” really means in the private practice context (including the overlap of public-private issues), and proceed to examine discrete international practice areas such as international arbitration and litigation, international regulatory issues such as the FCPA and Economic Sanctions and international commercial law issues involved in areas such as project finance and joint ventures. The ultimate goal of the seminar is to provide students with a survey of “international” practice areas that they might face in law firm practices and help them assess where they might want to practice in their own careers. Students will be expected to lead class sessions throughout the semester and present their paper topics at the end of the term.