This course is designed to prepare you to perform the responsibilities of a 1st year transactional attorney the day you get your key card and parking pass. Primarily platformed through the execution of a business acquisition, students will learn the fundamental skills requisite to provide legal advice and counsel in nearly every business transaction. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to analyze, negotiate and draft major acquisition agreements and agreements ancillary thereto, including consulting agreements, licensing contracts, board and shareholder authorizations, commercial leases and more. They say mergers & acquisitions attorneys are the “quarterbacks” of the law firm because they must see the entire transaction plan, put everyone in the best position to reach the goal (of closing a deal), and initiate and execute the offense. In that regard, students will also learn transaction project management, the art of managing clients, direct reporting attorneys, supervising attorneys, as well as third-parties involved and implicated by the deal. Client interaction simulation, internal firm communications and proper record generation are key components of this course. This course is presented in a straightforward, plain-English “how to” style, and incorporates law practice management, customer service and general career success strategies. Having taken business organizations or mergers & acquisitions not required.