This seminar will provide a comparative view of the issues confronting legal professionals in today‚Äôs AI era. Through this seminar, students will learn about the dynamic interactions between algorithmic innovations and their surrounding regulatory landscape. Toward that goal, the core curriculum will revolve around how law and policy should be amended or formulated to shape the deployment of AI technology. The topics center on legal challenges faced by policymakers, regulators, and lawyers, such as facial recognition and its privacy concerns, discriminatory algorithmic decisions, and liability for torts/harms involving AI. Throughout the seminar, classes will discuss how AI innovations create legal issues at both the national and international levels, why they are regulated differently across different jurisdictions, and how regulatory gaps should be filled. The discussions will span across multiple legal regimes, including the United States, the European Union, and China. Class readings include legal instruments, research articles, and media coverage in legal and other fields. No technological background is required.