Pass/Fail Grading (Law Courses)

At the end of each term, JD students may elect to convert a letter grade of "C" or better to a pass "P" grade in an eligible Law course or seminar from the current ending term.

Applies to JD students only.

  • Conversion Election Period
    • Start: Day after the letter grade posts to your transcript in Wolverine Access.
    • End: One week after all student grades have been posted.*

    *Deadline announced via MLaw Live a few days after all the grades have been posted.

    Academic Calendar

  • Setting Elections
    1. Login to ExamAdmin.
    2. Change the Term, if necessary.
    3. Click on "Pass/Fail."

    Graded or Pass/Fail elections can be changed by clicking the link text in ExamAdmin. Each click will generate an automated email message confirming your current elections for the term.

    Set Elections 

  • Regular Processing

    Elections are processed within a few days after the conversion election period ends and can be changed anytime during the election period. After the deadline, no additional elections or changes will be accepted.

  • Expedited Processing

    An Expedite option is available for those who are certain their decision to elect Pass/Fail is final and would like to immediately process and finalize a conversion for a particular course. Expedited processing will be completed within two business days.

    To expedite an election:

    1. Set your election to Pass/Fail for the desired course.
    2. Click "Expedite" next to the course to activate Expedited Processing. Note: Activation is final and permanent.
  • Conversion Rules
    • All regularly processed conversions are final after the "Pass/Fail" deadline and may not be reversed for any reason.
    • Expedited conversions cannot be changed at any time after activation.
    • Letter grade conversion results in a "P" on your transcript.
    • Converting a letter grade to a "P" results in the removal of those credits from your total "graded units for honors eligibility."
    • Maximum of two (2) conversions during your entire Law School career.

    *During the 2020-2021 academic year, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, one letter-graded course converted to "P" (pass) will be counted toward honors eligibility per term. If a student opts to convert more than one course within a term, the converted course of highest credit value will be counted toward Latin honors eligibility. Review the JD Academic Regulations for Coif Honors eligibility criteria.

    **During the 2020-2021 academic year, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, students were granted one additional pass conversion per term.

    Course Eligibility

    • Letter grade of "C" or better in an eligible course.
    • Letter grades that are initially lower and are later raised to a "C" are not eligible.
    • Courses from prior terms are not eligible.
    • First-year required courses are not eligible (except for transfer students).
    • Mandatory Pass/Fail or Mandatory Graded courses are not eligible.

    Courses With Associated Classes

    Students interested in converting two classes that are associated to each other (e.g., a Seminar and its associated Seminar Supplement) and have them count as one election should contact the Office of Student Records for assistance.

    In cases where a student's performance in each component is evaluated separately (e.g. clinical law courses), a student's decision to convert both parts of the class will count as two elections.

    Students are not obligated to elect all components of associated classes.

  • GPA and Honors

    A GPA calculator is available when you set your elections in the online "Pass/Fail" system. To manually calculate your GPA, use the MHP (Michigan Honor Points) and MSH (Michigan Semester Hours) values shown on your transcript in Wolverine Access.

    GPA = Total MHP / Total MSH

    A "P" grade nullifies the MHP and MSH values for the converted grade. When manually calculating your new GPA, do not include the MHP and MSH values for the class that you are converting to a "P."

    Letter grades converted to a "P" grade will also no longer count towards letter-graded credits required for honors eligibility.

    Honors Information

Pass/Fail Grading (Non-Law Courses)

Non-law course grades (taken for Law credit) do not affect law student GPAs nor do they aid in honors eligibility. However, students may elect pass/fail for these courses to affect grade visibility, which replaces an eligible course's letter grade with an "S" grade (Mandatory Limited Grade Option Pass).

  • Requirements

    Deadline: The deadline for electing "Pass/Fail" for non-law classes is the same deadline as the conversion of a letter grade to "pass" deadline for law classes. Students must do this through the External Enrollment request system.

    Request Pass/Fail Grading

    Students may decide to add or remove a non-law "Pass/Fail" election up until the deadline. As with Michigan Law course grade conversion policy, all active "Pass/Fail" elections at the time of the deadline are final and irreversible.

    If a student earns a grade below "B-" (minus), the student will NOT receive credit toward their law degree. The letter grade will also be posted on the transcript and cannot be converted to an "S" grade.

  • Course Eligibility

    Course must be approved via an External Enrollment request. Final letter grade of "B-" (minus) or better is required.

    Request Course Approval

  • Grade Processing

    If all the conditions above are satisfied, an "S" grade will be displayed on the student's transcript instead of the original letter grade.