Professor David Blankfein-Tabachnick is a scholar of the private law, taxation, and tax policy. He has made scholarly contributions in bankruptcy, contract, property and intellectual property, taxation, and tort law. His work appears in selective law reviews and peer edited journals including the California Law Review, Hastings Law Journal, George Washington Law Review, Michigan Law Review, Virginia Law Review, and the Cambridge University Press journal, Social Philosophy and Policy. His work on economic (in)equality, asset allocation, and the distributive role of the private law has been the subject of engagement in leading law reviews, peer-edited journals, and academic monographs. His work has been reprinted in a number of anthologies, including Rawls and Law, and he has been invited to discuss his ideas throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick joined the Michigan State University College of Law faculty in 2014 and was awarded tenure in 2020. He has been a visiting scholar at Yale University Law School and a visiting faculty member at Penn State Law and Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. He is a recurring visiting professor at Peking University School of Transnational Law, where he is a member of the founding faculty.

In 2016, he was appointed faculty adviser to the Michigan State Law Review. Since his appointment, the journal has risen nearly 50 places in the W&L ranking of flagship American law reviews. Under his leadership, the journal has instituted its Visionary Scholar Article Series and the Law Review Symposium-Faculty Workshop Series.

An accomplished lecturer and popular teacher,  Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick has been honored with a university-wide award recognizing excellence in teaching from the University of Virginia. In 2021, he became the first MSU College of Law faculty member to receive the prestigious university-wide Michigan State All-University Teacher-Scholar Award.

He has taught courses on bankruptcy, copyrights, contracts, criminal law, federal income tax, intellectual property, international relations, legal and political theory, property, remedies, tax policy, torts, and trusts and estates.

An active and dedicated faculty-community member at MSU College of Law, he has served on faculty appointments and diversity committees. He has also served as the College of Law representative to the MSU University Council and MSU University Senate. He served on the 2020–2021 MSU College of Law Dean Search Committee and repeatedly as chair of MSU College of Law’s Faculty Appointments Committee, in 2020–2021 and in 2021–2022. Additionally, he is a member of the MSU Law College’s Intellectual Property, Information and Communications Law Program faculty.

Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick holds a Ph.D. in legal and political philosophy from the University of Virginia and a degree in law from Yale University.