Join us for a discussion about law school education and debt with Prof. Robert Hirshon, Frank G. Millard Professor from Practice and special counsel on developments in the legal profession, and former president of the ABA. Law School debt influences decisions to go to law school, course selection during law school, and career decisions for decades afterwards. Debt may also be relevant to character and fitness examinations in order to pass state bar exams. In 2020 the ABA produced a study examining the impacts of law school debt. Some key takeaways included:

All law school graduates are impacted by student loan debt, with few exceptions

For many, law school debt grows after graduation

Student loans deeply impact personal lives and decisions of new lawyers

Student loans force lawyers to take unwanted career paths

Student loans take a disproportionate toll on lawyers of color

Student loans are negatively affecting mental health

Let's discuss this and more!

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