Paper title: GPT-4 Passes the Bar Exam and the Emerging Role of Natural Language Processing (NLP) within the Legal Domain

Abstract: This workshop will introduce the ideas in two papers—a survey paper on Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Law and an application paper using a Large Language Model (called GPT-4) on all elements of the Uniform Bar Exam—and relate those ideas, in conversation, to labor markets, legal innovation, and law-related behavior and practice. The presentation will begin with a general introduction to NLP and NLP & Law and a review of key findings from the NLP Survey Paper, where we offer a complete survey of the technical academic literature about applying NLP models within the legal domain. I will turn next to the GPT-4 Passes the Bar Exam Paper. I will discuss our analysis of GPT-4 on the Uniform Bar Exam (MBE, MEE, MPT) and discuss how to think about these findings. Time permitting, I will also briefly highlight some other application areas where NLP / Large Language Models (LLMs) are already (or could soon be) in use in law. With these preliminaries in place, I will identify potential labor-market, innovation-related, and other impacts that Large Language Models might have both within law and society.


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