Behind the Curtain: 1L Firm Applications - Knowing People

Behind the Curtain is a six-part series designed with heavy student input and is focused specifically on preparing students interested in applying to firms for their 1L summer. The program is open to all students and will not replace existing OCP programs – it is just an attempt to organize information for a particular cohort.

Structured like a mini-seminar, the meetings will have an area of focus, but there will be a lot of interplay between sessions, i.e., it will probably feel disjointed to students who pick and choose sessions to attend.

A rough agenda is set out below. 

Week #1: Getting Started (e.g., timelines and the state of the market)

Week #2: Developing Your Professional Narrative

Week #3: Knowing People 

Week #4: Law Firm Economics, Practice Areas, DEI, and the ethics of BigLaw      Week #5: What Firms Are Looking for in Your Application Materials 

Week #6: Application Strategies

In our third session, Knowing People, we will get some real talk and find some traction on what it means to “go network” and why and how it is useful to get going soon. This will be particularly helpful for students who are unsure whether the firm path is for them.

Lunch will be provided for those who RSVP via Symplicity by Wednesday, October 4, 2023.