Typically, a little less than half of the first-year class has chosen to live on campus in the Lawyers Club, which is part of the Law Quadrangle. The Lawyers Club recently reopened after extensive renovations, thanks in large part to a generous donation by Charles T. Munger. The Lawyers Club offers furnished single rooms with private or semi-private bathrooms, and a meal plan is included in the resident fee. 

Another on-campus option is our graduate and family housing on North Campus—called Northwood Community Apartments—which is just a short, free bus ride away from the law school. 

Finally, the Munger Graduate Residence Hall, which opened in fall 2015, is a unique option for graduate students from all University of Michigan programs and combines the convenience of single bedrooms plus private bathrooms with an interdisciplinary program designed to foster community.

If you are confused about the housing choices available to you and have questions about living in Ann Arbor, feel free to contact our Housing Ambassadors—current Michigan Law students who can help you determine which housing option fits your lifestyle.

Lawyers Club

The Lawyers Club is a unique, on-campus housing option offering convenience, camaraderie, and safety, and is perfect for students wishing to live in a law-student-exclusive dorm setting. Typically housing about half of the entering 1L class, in addition to some upper-class students and LLMs, the Lawyers Club fosters a diverse community outside the classroom. 

Because the Lawyers Club is so appealing to many first-year students, we recommend that admitted students apply as early as possible. In fact, you may apply as soon as you are offered admission; you do not have to wait until you submit your enrollment deposit. The timely submission of an application will increase the likelihood of receiving a lease and your preferred room type, while waiting until after the Admissions Office deposit deadline of April 30 decreases your chance of getting a Lawyers Club lease

The Lawyers Club

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 In addition to The Lawyers Club, the University offers general graduate student housing options. Graduate student housing includes the Northwood Community Apartments, which are particularly popular with students who are coming with families.

Northwood Graduate Student Housing I & II

Northwood Graduate Student Housing IV & V 

Munger Graduate Resident Hall 

Martha Cook Building

Henderson House

Phid house

With rich traditions of social enrichment and academic supportiveness, the Phid House offers an affordable, supportive, and discursive communal-living environment to a diverse group of JD and LLM students. Phid House offers a fully equipped kitchen, projector screen with hundreds of channels, parking, wireless Internet, a library complete with a bank of past course outlines, and a recently refurbished radon-mitigation system—all for only $450/month.

 Learn more about Phid House